Blended Mode of Course Delivery

Blended mode of course delivery is a unique and flexible teaching and learning approach which involves a mix of online, face to face classes and independent study with the help of modern communication techniques. This bespoke experience facilitated by GCE’s professional academics leads to more engaging, fast and agile learning. This kind of hybrid learning combines the traditional classroom teaching with online learning and personal study. This approach allows the students not only the much-needed flexibility but also some degree of control over their time, pace and learning style. Here the learners are provided access to the relevant online material along with an academic tutor for each module of the course and some portion of the classroom-based face to face instructions is replaced by out of classroom web-based learning.

GCE has enriched the blended learning content with variety of case studies, audios, videos, PowerPoints and text etc. Every effort has been made to make the content user friendly and easily accessible with necessary support and guidance to use various resources by the learners. It is an excellent opportunity for the learners to enjoy best of both worlds by availing the access to e-learning along with the continued support of human component in their overall learning experience. College has ensured availability of relevant infrastructure, information systems, professional staff and technological support to all the learners. A standard 30 hours F2F module will be taught for 3 hours per week which will include lecture as well as workshop/seminar session.

Modes of study

Face to Face study

Student will learn in face to face contact synchronous class room environment.

Blended Study

Student will learn via a mixture of face to face contact , synchronous online class and asynchronous online

Online Study

Student will learn asynchronous online at their own pace but with definite course enrolment period.

Work based & Apprenticeship

Student will learn at their work place along with some blended learning.

Executive & Short Courses

Executive will be trained & developed via a range of blended learning or customised modes.