Department of Business and Management Studies

HNCs (Higher National Certificates) and HNDs (Higher National Diplomas)  in Business and Management Studies are work-related higher education qualifications. HNCs can take one year to complete full-time.HNC is a level 3 course/Programme and is usually needed for a student to enter Year 1 of an Undergraduate Prorarmme. Higher National Diploma ie  HNDs take two years full- time (both can also be studied part-time). They are highly valued by employers, and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations. HNCs and HNDs are at level 5 on the RQG.  The HND at Level 4 is equivalent to 1st Year of an Undergraduate degree (BSc/Ba- Year 1), HND at Level 4 is equivalent to  2nd Year of an Undergraduate degree (BSc/Ba- Year 2) and HND at Level 6 is equivalent to final Year of an Undergraduate degree (BSc/Ba- Year 3). . Some students prefers to move from HND level 5 diploma to an undergraduate top degree from any British university. Similarly, a Level 7 postgraduate diploma in a stream provides an opportunity to students to apply and attain a Postgraduate ie Master’s degree from a UK university.

Business management – management of a business. It incorporates all parts of regulating and directing business activities. Management is the demonstration of apportioning assets to achieve wanted objectives and targets proficiently and adequately; it contains arranging, sorting out, staffing, driving or coordinating, and controlling an association (a gathering of at least one individuals or elements) or exertion to achieve an objective.